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RISE with Sarah Cincotta BDM Mentor

At RISE, we believe that every BDM deserves to RISE. Which is why we assist BDM’s to achieve their complete potential. Our role is to influence and educate BDM’s across Australia. So that our clients can achieve their goals and have complete fulfilment within their roles.



As a leading Business Development Manager in the Real Estate Industry, I realised there was a flaw with the stereotype. Business Development Managers are not sales agents, we specialise in building long term relationships with many different people. My success within the industry came from being “in the trenches”. I came to learn the standard of being a BDM in the industry was outdated and with poor practises.

Through my 8 years of being in the industry I rose to a new standard of what being a great BDM truly entails.

RISE was born to directly impact the lives of other BDM’s and the outdated stigma of what the industry thinks a BDM is, and set a new era for these Relationship Managers.

Through implementing the RISE model, we raise your revenue, increase your influence, solidify your success and embrace your evolution, so that you too can set a new standard.

What will be covered?

Online mentor sessions connecting with others who are committed to growth. Support for 8 weeks to gain motivation, inspiration, and growth.

Journey and Success


Task setting



Action Taking

Influencing the marketplace

Social media

What will be covered?

Online mentor sessions connecting with others who are committed to growth. Support for 8 weeks to gain motivation, inspiration, and growth.

  • Journey and Success

  • Goals

  • Task setting

  • Service

  • Connection

  • Action Taking

  • Influencing the marketplace

  • Social media

See what Sarah's clients are saying

    "I have known Sarah for many years now and previously worked as a BDM in the same franchise as her. From first meeting Sarah I found her to be approachable and knowledgeable. However once you really know Sarah, you realise that she is full of passion and she is a person that genuinely cares for others. When I have needed assistance in my BDM career with a listing or a leasing, Sarah has always answered my phone calls and listened to my ideas and offered her take on the situation. Her advice is always articulate, accurate and is always in the best interests of the client and leads to a successful outcome."

    - Damien

    "I have known Sarah since I transitioned into my roles as a Business Development Manager. I was really surprised when Sarah reach out when I had started as a Business Development Manager. Sarah was so kind, offering to be a point of contact If ever I needed someone to bounce ideas off. I must admit I was shocked, Sarah was only 30 minutes from my office, but I soon come to find out she was so genuine.
    Sarah is just so passionate about real estate she really just wants to help others. On many occasions she has invited me into her home to work together, we often swap ideas, she keeps me motivated when I feel down or stressed.

    Sarah no doubt is going to be an amazing assets to anyone in the industry looking to learn, coached or just some fresh prospective.
    I’m incredibly lucky to have met someone like Sarah and so thankful she reached out and I have someone like minded to share this journey with.
    Thank you Sarah, I adore you, and wouldn’t be who I am today without some input from you."

    - Tamara

    "I was extraordinarily lucky to work alongside Sarah as a Business Development Manager for just over a year, and my career growth in that year was unlike anything I’d experienced in my previous 2 years as a BDM.

    Sarah is constantly looking to grow and be better, both personally and in business, and she has this extremely infectious positive energy; you can’t help but also want to grow and be better when you’re around her. Sarah has been my biggest champion and supporter since day one, even though by industry stereotypes, I should’ve been viewed as her competitor. This speaks to the character of a person who truly cares for others, and I feel extremely privileged to call Sarah my friend.

    Without the encouragement for the pursuit of growth, it would have taken me significantly longer to have developed the skill set and knowledge base that I have today, and my understanding of what it means to be an outstanding BDM would be far different. I think one of the best things any BDM could do for their career is give themselves the opportunity to learn a thing or two from Sarah."

    - Alice

    "I had the privilege of knowing Sarah before her real estate journey begun. Sarah has a zest for life and is an incredible people person. When she told me she wanted a career in Real Estate I knew she would smash it out of the park. I had the pleasure in working beside Sarah in her very first property management role and oh boy did she soar quickly. It was clear she had a true passion for the industry but in particular building relationships. After years as a property manager, Sarah needed to be further challenged. She needed bigger opportunities, and that's where the Business Development pathway begun. Watching Sarah grow professionally and personally in a field she truly is the best at has been an experience of its own for me. Sarah and I have had endless conversations, exchanged dialogue, processes, marketing strategies, you name it, with one another over our careers together and I couldn't be more proud to see the time, effort and heart Sarah puts in every single day for every single person she meets, whether a landlord, tenant or another PM/BDM in the industry. Anyone working along side Sarah whether your a landlord or BDM you will go far."

    - Ashleigh

    This is for the person who:

    wants to access their full potential

    evolve in their career advancement

    lacking motivation

    feels stuck

    wants to grow

    needs inspiration

    wants to be surrounded by supportive and like minded people

    Why choose Sarah as your BDM Mentor?

    • REB Awards 2022 Finalist BDM Of The Year - Property Management

    • Winner of Property Management Business Development Manager Of The Year,
      Ray White Group VIC/TAS 2020-2021

    • IGT Finalist BDM Of The Year 2019

    • Six figure income earner as a BDM in the first year

    • High ranking google review scores


    The Commitment

    8 Week Investment

    One hour live and online session per week

    BDM Level Up Workbook

    RISE Welcome Package

    A Private Mentoring Session with Sarah

    $997 /  Complete Tax Deduction


    30 min booking available every Monday and Wednesday 7-9pm

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